Gas Phase Filtration

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

A broad range of gas phase filters allows customized control of almost any gas phased pollutant and odour problem.

Never before has gaseous contaminant control been more compact, versatile and affordable than with IQAir's GC and GCX series advanced filtration systems.

With close to 15kg of specially formulated gas phase filter media, the systems are perfectly suited to take control of gaseous contaminants in medical, commercial and research facilities as well as homes and offices with elevated pollution levels.

The systems H11 HEPA pre filter also ensures that airborne particulates such as microorganisms are removed with an efficiency of up to 99%.

Gas Cartridge Technology

Each GC/GCX system contains four filter cartridges that hold up to 15kg of gas phase filtration media. The cylindrical shape of the cartridges allows for optimum contact between the contaminated air and the filter media, thus ensuring maximum removal efficiency. The large surface area of the cartridges enables high air flow rates to be maintained with the GC suitable for rooms up to 75m2 and the GCX for rooms up to 105m2.

Five different gas and odour filters cartridges offer special filter media for the control of a wide range of specific substances and odours; Volatile organic compounds, Chemisorber for low molecular weight substances, MultiGas fro broad spectrum gaseous pollutants, AM for ammonia/Amines and AcidPro for all acid vapours.

Applications for the IQAir GC and GCX include;

- Workshops with solvent contamination

- Autopsy labs and mortuaries

- Dissecting rooms

- Hair, nail and beauty salons

- Incontinence wards

- Laser surgery

- Medical and Pharmaceutical labs

- DNA Micro Array Labs

- Rooms with elevated tobacco smoke

- Veterinary Environments

- Air Restoration and Conservation

- Mercury Vapour

Optional accessories are also available such as at source extraction kit and in flow and out flow ducting.

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