Allergy Today Goes Digital with E-newsletter Launch

For more than 35 years Allergy Today was a hard-copy print magazine that kept you up to date with all things Allergy New Zealand related. Now, they're making their E-debut with a digital newsletter in their latest effort to get relevant evidence-based and credible information to the people who really need it, easier than ever.

Now you can stay up to date with Allergy Today on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or watch.

Allergy New Zealand CEO Mark Dixon welcomes readers to the new-look Allergy Today and invites you to share this free e-newsletter with anyone interested in managing allergies.

As the official distributor of IQAir products in New Zealand, Filtercorp Health are proud to be involved in promoting awareness and solutions about allergies in New Zealand.

IQAir's impressive range of air purifiers are helping kiwis find solutions to the allergy epidemic. For example the most advanced model, IQAir Healthpro 250 combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively remove a great variety of both particulate and molecular air pollutants from your space. It is suitable for allergy, asthma & respiratory health sufferers but equally suited for health conscious individuals wanting to eliminate airborne particles or odours from their home.

Anyone who signs up for the Allergy Today e-newsletter will go into the draw to win a huge ecostore prize pack! To be in the draw you must sign-up by 16 November 2018.

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Find Allergy Today's first e-newsletter here.

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