Filtercorp has been in the air filtration industry for over 40 years, forging strong long-term relationships with the world's most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of filtration media.


Collaborating with IQAir, a company that shares our passion for clean air, we have developed Filtercorp Health with the confidence that we have the recipe to improve the quality of your air in both domestic and medical environments.

IQAir has been recognised in the industry for their commitment to the highest performing air purifiers. 

Along with Filtercorp's recognition for customer focus

and quality, we are confident that together we can help assist people in living longer, healthier and more productive lives by helping them breathe the cleanest, healthiest air possible.


Our mission is to ensure we provide filtration solutions that offer the highest quality purified air for your environment. No short-cuts, no compromises, just pure air. 


We have people available right across the country to talk to you about your clean air requirements. If you need purified air you need to talk to Filtercorp Health. We will help you take control of the air you breathe.