Allergy Today 18th March 2019

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Expert Advice For Managing Allergies

Filtercorp Health is proud to sponsor and be associated with Allergy New Zealand. Please check out the latest issue of Allergy today here.

Allergy New Zealand is a national charity that offers reliable information, education and support so you can manage your or your child's allergies and live an active and healthy lifestyle. Allergy New Zealand provide quarterly eNewsletters filled with relevant quality information, join today for a range of benefits to you and your family.

Filtercorp Health want you to take control of the air you breathe with the HealthPro series of in room air purifiers from IQAir. These powerful units can show improvements to the quality of air you breathe within minutes of you switching them on.

We have a range of units to suit your needs all offering hospital grade HEPA filtration you can rely on.

We can offer units that can provide 3 air changes in a room per hour up to 90m2 or personal purification units designed to go anywhere with you, home, office or when you travel.

Check out our range at Filtercorp Health.

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