Best Tech Gift 2020

Make each one of the 25,000 breaths you take each day the best they can be with the IQAir Atem, voted one of the best Tech gifts for 2020 by the Seatle Times!

Create your own personal clean air zone with the IQAir Atem, this entirely new generation of personal air purifier is small enough to fit on your desk and powerful enough to deliver clean air directly to your breathing zone.

The Atems elegant design allows for an exceptionally large air intake and huge filtration surface area in IQAirs unique HyperHEPA design, filtering 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns while allowing a small desk footprint.

The addition of both touch and smartphone controls allows you to be in total control of your Atem, even turning off your Atem when you walk away to save your filter life.

The compact design also allows for ease of transport so you can take your Atem home with you or away on trips for clean air anywhere you are.

If you or someone you know suffers from allergies or works in an environment where a clean air zone would be beneficial call us today on 08004819999 or visit

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