IQAir® PreMax™ MG Filter F8MG (S)


Pre-Filter Stage

Purpose: control of coarse and !ne particulate matter; protection of subsequent filters

Media: non-woven glass micro!ber, mini-pleated for high-capacity

Efficiency: ≥ 55% at ≥ 0.3 μm (class F8)

Surface area: 1.9m²


Gas & Odour Filter Stage

Purpose: control of a wide range of chemical contaminants and odours

Media: MultiGas™ activated carbon & impregnated activated alumina (AC/4 + IA/4)

Weight: 1.0kg


Replacement Filter Suitable for:

HealthPro 150


Refer to unit instructions for filter replacement information.

IQAir® PreMax™ MG Filter F8MG (S)