Filtalon SIS-150 Insect Filter


The SIS-150 is a polyester insect and organic matter filter by Filtalon, proven to prevent insects and spiders from entering air intakes. Constructed from durable monofilament yarn delivering excellent resistance to wear with UV stability.


The SIS-150 incorporates the innovative BFM® snap-in connector system for a dust and water tight seal. Cuff to cell-plate connector is tested to 3-5 micron. Features minimal increased pressure drop in service life.


Ideal for medical, laboratory and hospital environments.


This product is the newest and most innovative insect pre-filter in the world. Over 100 new air intakes in hospitals, pharmaceutical, dairy and infant formula factory industries have been installed in the last 2 years in New Zealand.

Filtalon SIS-150 Insect Filter