"The HealthPro 250 Improved my Sleep and Reduced need for Medication"

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Prior to purchasing the IQAir HealthPro 250, Simon was taking prednisone on a 3 week cycle to help ease the congestion he was experiencing due to his emphysema. His wife, Donna, was using an inhaler twice a day to ease her asthma symptoms. Needless to say, Simon and Donna were not getting a restful nights sleep.

Before deciding to purchase the HealthPro 250, Simon was having to sleep in an upright position otherwise he would have difficulty breathing. Here is what they had to say about their experience before and after purchasing the unit.

1. Why did you choose an IQAir product?

The Choice to go with IQAir was made after a recommendation from a friend (John Clement), They then researched the IQAir brand on the internet and liked the level of filtration offered by the HealthPro Units.

2. How do you use our product, and how do you find that process?

The unit is currently used in the bedroom only. They start the unit on moderate speed for 2hrs prior to bed time and turn down the unit to low and leave it to running till they wake in the morning. The unit is virtually quiet on the lowest setting.

They expect with spring approaching they will move the unit to the living area more during the day and love that it has casters which make moving it easy.

Operation is easy, they use it very manually.

3. How have you benefited from using our product / service?

They had been in Katikati for 4 months prior to purchasing the HealthPro unit, after using the unit for 3 months Donna has not used her inhaler once in that period (was using it twice a day, morning and night prior). Simon has not needed to have his prescription for prednisone re filled in the 3 months since running the HealthPro. He is sleeping wonderfully!

4. How has our product / service improved your day-to-day life?

No longer requiring to take medications, sleeping has improved spectacularly!

5. What have you learned from working with us?

Its all about air quality, Simon was initially sceptical, but the proof is in the working, they are both so surprised after 3 months of the unit working! Simon hoped it would help him, and it has, but never expected it to work so well for his wife and her Asthma.

6. What would you say to other people/businesses facing the same challenges as you did?

"We are very happy with decision we made to buy the unit, no regrets whatsoever. The IQAir is a quantum leap ahead of the competitor and the price is justified.

I would highly recommend the product, I was hoping it would help with COPD but it has helped his wife immensely it’s a bloody miracle. It’s Been fantastic!"

The HealthPro 250

IQAir's HealthPro 250 combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively remove a great variety of both particulate and molecular air pollutants. Due to its wide effectiveness range, the 250 is equally suited for health conscious individuals as well as those suffering from respiratory conditions & allergies.

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